Thursday, November 26, 2009


Remember grunge back when Christina Aguilera had that nasty hair and bad fashion sense? Well this is a more fashion forward way of doing the same thing. It more 2009 than 2003. This outfit was inspired by Alexander McQueen's Fall '09 RTW Show. (Oh and have you seen his Spring 2010 show?! Its mind blowing!) I love this skort, it makes me feel like a ballerina. I love ripping tights, it helps me get frustration out. I used nail clippers on these. (They already had a run in them to begin with, so they were unwearable). I wouldnt encourage wearing an outfit like this to a Thanksgiving dinner though. Its not very family-friendly.
Have a good Thanksgiving!

tank, ae; blazer, forever 21; skort, forever 21; tights, express;


  1. i wish i were as pretty as you!!
    Ohhhh nd i love your blog btw =]

  2. Iive gotta be honest as much as I love the articles on your blog, but that's not grundge. grundge's not high heels or fitted clothing. that's a bit more punk looking than grundge.

    perhaps that's your take on grundge, but by itself it isnt.

  3. love the skirt and the tartan blazer :D

  4. You're hot! And your fashion sense is really cool.