Thursday, November 5, 2009

Jeffrey Campbell

So, the Alexa Wedge Bootie (left) is totally OCC. Wedges are perfect for winter, but these look oddly familiar to the Acne Atacoma Black Metal shoe.
This shoe was designed after them and named after Alexa Chung because she wore the Acne brand wedges on her TV show (Its On! With Alexa Chung). But, the Jeffrey Campbell ones are being released next month and are only $195 compared to the $599 Acne pair. These shoes are limited edition and theres a waiting list for them, so youll be really lucky if you get your hands on 'em. I want these shoes so bad, like you would never believe! But, I am currently on the waiting list :(


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  2. Nice boots!
    btw, you might want to check out these stores! they offer free shipping until next month!