Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2010 RTW

I'm a big Marc Jacobs fan. I love all his work. Especially Marc by Marc Jacobs. Its so fun and young. I love all the bright colors and crazy prints. Each outfit can be worn as shown or with simpler pieces to decrease the craziness. I see girls wearing bows in their hair all the time, but I like how these are bigger bows worn like headbands. I love the romper and harem pants he has in this collection. Cross body bags are still going to be in style for the spring and probably summer as well. Shoulder pads are also translating to next year. Im also seeing a lot of "poofy" pleated shorts. Ones connected to rompers as well as separate. This was one of my favorite spring fashion shows.


  1. i love all of the bright colors too, they are amazing!
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  2. ah I feel the same way!!! My fave is Marc by Marc...the bows are amazing!