Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Denim Jacket

I was never a big fan of denim jackets, but now Im drawn towards them because of their vintage feel. And paired with the mauve silk harem pants, its super fab! The belt wasnt needed to hold up the pants, but it cut the pants and the tank so they wouldnt look so fluid.

My boots were in the February issue of Seventeen! But sorry Seventeen, I like the way I wore them better! And I dont really like the idea of pairing heels with cargo pants, the "I dont really care" style pants and high heels dont really go together.

denim jacket, levis; tank, hollister, harem pant; uo; boots; mia


  1. WOW! your pants are super cute, and I love denim jackets right now.


  2. I wanted these pants SOOOO badly from Urban Outfitters when I saw them! I waited too long to order them though :/ They look great on you!

  3. those harem pants are amazing! and the jacket compliments them perfectly.