Saturday, January 23, 2010

Shiny Zebra Nails

What youll need:

copper nail polish
black nail polish
bobby pin
clear nail polish

1. Buff and shape.
2. Apply two coats of the copper nail polish.

3. Make zebra stripes with the black nail polish and bobby pin.

4. Wait till it completely dries, then add the top coat.

All done!

gold nail polish, OPI "concerto in copper"; black nail polish, hot topic; clear nail polish, sally hansen


  1. I love how this looks I've been wanting to get zebra nails done. The only problem with doing it my self is that my right hand will look horrible!

  2. ah, i need to try this out when i find patience and time!!

    also, i left you my "beautiful blogger" award on my site :)

  3. Hey dude it's HP. I feel self conscious about putting my name on the internet. BUT I AM SO USING THIS NAILPOLISH RECIPE.

    Dude, we gotta have another sleepover or something. We haven't in like 2 years. :(