Saturday, January 9, 2010

Top Shop's Spring Collabs

Top Shop has three new designer collaborations:

Ann Sofie Back

-Im not a really big fan of the ripped dress, but a ripped tank with a floral skirt or jeans would tone it down and look cute!


-I like the studded sweatshirt, but Id definitely not wear it with the pants, especially like its described here. The grey sweatshirt is just weird. Its like," I wanna wear a sweatshirt but I want to show my tummy off too!" Huh?

Jonathan Saunders

-Not much to talk about here. Its pretty basic stuff. I like the wedges though! And the LBD is simple, but classic and will show off your figure.


  1. you should totally hire me to be your blog editor!!! and when your famous you can credit me to making sure you Is were dotted and Ts crossed :)


    -best Fwend

  2. just found your blog and i have to say:love it! Youve got such a great sense of style and you really inspire me.

  3. I feel like Jonathan Suanders also did a collection for Target...too many capsule sollections out there! I do love how the unattainable is made affordable for people like me tho ;) I love the gray sweatshirt tied up thingy by Ashish! Thanks for the post!

  4. Awww, I'll check this didn't know they ere new designers, I'd go for the ripped top and the black classy dress ; ) Hope your week is going perfect

  5. wow, thanks for sharing. i should check this out. i love the ripped top! enjoy the rest of the week gorgeous!