Sunday, June 6, 2010

How to Casualize a Formal Dress

The key to shopping is buying extremely versatile pieces that can be layered. Start out with a little black dress. I took this lacey bustier dress.

1. Put a tank top underneath. Cleavage shouldnt be shown during the day. Wife beaters look terrible under strappy dresses, so it should be a spaghetti strap tank with some detailing to add visual interest.
2. Throw on a button down. This completely dresses down the look and adds coverage. Roll up the sleeves and dont iron it, it should be crinkly and care free, preferably a different color as well.
3. Peep-toe wedges. Theyre sophisticated, yet can be worn during the day. Theyre comfortable but elegant. The laces add to the casual feel.
4. Day-time accessories. I absolutely adore this bronze fish necklace. Also, the bracelet is bright and fun! The ring is my moms. Its super elegant but I wore it on my pointer finger instead of ring finger to make it look like a casual cocktail ring.

If I had wanted to dress this outfit up, Id wear:

1. A short pearl necklace that doesnt dangle. It would be more elegant and night time appropriate. Id switch the ring to my ring finger. 
2. A light cardigan, in a blue shade to match the ring.
3. Sparkley silver high heels. Silver, because thatd match the ring. 
-For night time, I like to be matching because its more sophisticated than wearing bright fun colors. Lastly, I wouldnt have such a care free messy hair style. 

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  2. No, you actually copied my "Holey Shirts" Idea....

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  4. The shape of the dress is so adorable. It's super flouncy and fun!

    And I love the jacket you paired with it. Great POP of colour!


    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  5. Wonderful 'how to', i love the wedges you've paired it with and the mix of colors and metallics.

    Chic on the Cheap

  6. ABSOLUTE GENIUS!!!!! can you style me please?

  7. hey girl!!!!!!!!

    u look absolutely amazin!!!!!!!!!!!

    nice combo tee-dress!

    lovely shoes!!!!

    thanx for visitin:))


  8. I love this, so cute! Must try!