Thursday, August 19, 2010


After a few shots with my hair up, I realized I looked way too much like Olivia Palermo..

I wish I couldve worn this skirt to school today, but Urban Outfitters sells skirts that are just way too short for a 5'8 girl. Anyways, I love wearing booties with skirts. Im suddenly a big fan of pantyhose too. And this over-sized blazer is fab.

top, h&m; skirt, uo; bracelet, tibet; earrings, f21


  1. Oh Gosh, you look like a doll! I think this is probable my favorite outfit. Especially when you throw on that over-sized blazer.

  2. you do sort of look like her!! I lve that skirt its super cute and floral blazer! yes I love florals :D