Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I love this bodycon dress I stole from my sister. Oh and the boots are hers as well. Mwahaha. 
Shes in New York right now with my mom and Im so jealous. 
Wearing a parka accompanied by the accessories I chose, dressed the dress (weird) down for day time. The fur inside this parka's hood is so sofffft! 

I like these faire isle tights way better than the ones from Forever 21 I have since those are meant for girls with way shorter legs than mine. This headband looks like a little baby's. It kind of reminds me of what Ivy wore on Monday's episode of 90210. All types of thick headbands are definitely in right now.
Mmmm, crushed velvet is fantastic!

Wooo Christmas! Pair this dress with solid black tights, heels, a clutch, and some killer earrings and you got yourself a night time ensemble!

dress, h&m; parka, uo; tights, gap; headband, nordstrom; boots, steve madden

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