Monday, February 21, 2011

Material Girl

I was skeptical about the Material Girl brand when it first came out, I didnt think Id be such great quality but there's actually a few good pieces! 

 I dyed my hair back, yayay! Finally, right? Never going to dye it again!

Ive been mixing a ton of different bright colors lately, Im so ready for spring! I just love these socks, theyre so fun. The moccasins are in the spirit of spring. Im still layering because the weather here has been so awkward, it has been raining while the suns out. 
The tattered sweater is so me, and it's more fun to layer it over a dress rather than a white or nude tank. 

I havent been keeping up with fashion week at all, or blogging much either, but that'll change soon!

Oh and it's my sister's birthday today, Happy Birthday sissy!
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