Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pretty in Paisley

My adorable new Doc Marten cherry boots! Theyre great, but a pain to put on and take off since theres no side zip.
And no, that is not a Kabbalah bracelet, its a ritual in Indian weddings to wear a red string bracelet 'til it breaks and falls off to wish the bride and groom a happy marriage.
 Gotta love paisley for spring! Here are my current favorite paisley pieces out there: 
Reminiscent of the longer skirts of fall; the print is fabulous. 

Pretty colors, avant garde shape.

Gorgeous bracelet, very modern East Indian.

Flowy chiffon goes hand in hand with spring, and its one-shouldered. Loveeeee-ly!

dress, american rag; tank top, nordstrom; shirt, j.crew; tights, uo; boots, doc marten; necklace, f21
Title dedicated to Nick @ Nite's Sunday showing of "Pretty in Pink" featuring one of my favorite actresses, Molly Rinwald.


  1. Paisley print is great for spring. Love the Doc Martens!

  2. uuuuiii love your style girl <3

    nooo I wish I could draw like this :S

    follow you dear


  3. I wish I had Doc's in Cherry red, love, love, love them. Not to mention how comfortable they are


  4. awesome docs!! I love paisley too, it reminds me of the 60s! x Raman