Sunday, August 21, 2011

Senior Citizen

Totally did not realize how messed up the lighting was, so excuse the crappy photo quality.
Senior citizen spirit day. Did not plan on blogging this outfit but I ended up liking it. Reminds me of something Tavi would wear. Not that anything I create could even come close to her awesomeness.

Dip dyed denim: HUGE runway trend last season.

These glasses remind me of the murderer's from The Lovely Bones. Creepy.

Temporary gray hair spray: it's been eight washes and it still hasnt come out 100%. I really wish I could dye my hair gray, like this, but my parents would sort of kill me.

This was a denim jacket from the 90's that belonged to my sister. I cut off the sleeves, dipped it in bleach and water for 30 minutes, then sewed on little cat toys. I used senior citizen day as an excuse to wear it but Im going to be wearing it otherwise.

dress, belt, vintage; skirt, f21; kitten heel, uo; socks, dad's

P.S. Im obsessed with dubstep now.
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  1. I really really love this outfit. Its amazing

  2. That denim jacket-now vest is so cool! I love how you totally transformed it from just a typical jean jacket into a unique and creative vest; those cat toys are so cute!

    Haute Heeled Honey

  3. I totally feel the same way about the hair, i want a muted purple but i would be disowned in an instant.

    This outfit is rad. Love the vest and skirt especially

  4. senior citizen haha.. I love it.. Especially the hair!

    Love! ~Angel