Friday, September 2, 2011


I decided to go for a mature, classy look for once. Ive been obsessed with hardware as of late. This look was inspired by Ivania Carpio of Love Aesthetics. Her style is a breath of fresh air. I wish I could dye my hair gray like hers.
 This body chain broke about 10 minutes before I took these photos. I was putting my bag on, cross body style and it got stuck and broke. I tied the loose ends together for these photos. Moral of the story: dont buy cheap body chains. Love this gladiator style bracelet. 

This dress is so comfortable and is carefree yet polished.

I have no idea what this type of heel is called but I absolutely love it! These shoes were not made for walking around SF though.

slip, h&m; dress, body chain, bracelet, heels, asos; bag, oryany


  1. You're gorgeous! :) I love your outfit, it is so relaxed and casual, I think I would love to wear this type of outfit to class! AND I LOVE YOUR BAG. so jealous! :) and what a unique heel! I'm not sure what to call it either hehe!


  2. so pretty! this dress is the perfect drapiness and those heels are incredible. love the chunkiness!


  3. You have amazing style! I love all your looks!! I cant believe your 17! I thought you were about 22 lol

  4. Hi love
    Check out independent fashion bloggers it is a fabulous site to be associated with
    Also you forgot to reset your site stat app - whenever you first add it to your blog it will always be at 13,000 and work its way up
    But yes please check out IFB I hope to see you joining the site xx

  5. it is a T strap my love. ~pehney

  6. Haha I know that my love. I just dont know what the square-ish heel is called.