Monday, September 19, 2011

Heat Stroke

This picture was an accident. I set the timer on 2 seconds instead of 10 but it shows my earrings pretty well. I love tassels. Ive seen dip dyed blue, tassel earrings on a runway before; I dont recall which one. If I find longer tassel earrings, Ill definitely DIY those.

I am wearing a fleece poncho in 100 degree weather. Thats commitment. I always try to dress a season ahead. This poncho is borderline snuggie. It's so comfortable and you gotta love that Native American vibe. I let this be the centerpiece of my outfit today.

I bought this poncho last winter and I just saw it at Urban Outfitters. UO's retailers totally stole this from asos.

I paired this poncho with a short, leather skirt so I wouldnt get heat stroke. And a distressed sweater with a metallic tube top underneath. Muted tones!

top, material girl for macy's; socks, uo; skirt, f21; tube top, h&m; tassel earrings, bracelet, poncho, asos

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  1. love the poncho!! and that leather skirt!! Go you for braving the heat for the sake of fashion!

  2. Love the poncho, heck what am I saying? I love the whole outfit! Your outfits never fail to impress me!

  3. Nice skirt and that IS some commitment..i couldn't keep my light sweater on today..nice pictures..

  4. such a cute poncho! and PS, I LOVE the material girl line for macys :)


  5. Is it weird if I think you are absolutly GORGEOUS?