Saturday, December 10, 2011


Tried to channel my inner hippie but I'm so over the feathers and the dream catchers, theyre so played out.
Bought these JC Hologram's during Solestruck's Black Friday sale. They're so versatile and I pretty much stared at them for a good two minutes when I first opened the box. (Black Friday Shoe Haul video)
Loop-de-Loop Carousel glitter gloss from Lime Crime: I love the color but Ill be honest, I absolutely hate lip gloss so Ill probably only be using these for blog posts.

Gold torque necklace from Topshop. Shipping took forever and a day and it came broken but yay for super glue!

My mom bought these pants from India. The workmanship is so intricate. 

Finals are next week.
Almost done with college applications.
So. Burnt. Out.

top, tank, nordstrom; turband, cuff, asos; wedges, jeffrey campbell


  1. Love your outfit and your shoes and your deep blue lip color! :D


  2. wow your style is seriously funky! that necklace is to die for, and you pull off blue lipstick like no other! :D just followed you back!

  3. what a cool pants :D and love your goldie shoes

  4. Hope all your finals went well, you look amazing!

    xo erica

  5. oh woah, do you live in this place? it looks like a castle! and the clue lipstick is R-A-D!!! //dariadaria

  6. This outfit is like art... You look amazing! And I also have ever seen someone pull off blue lipstick so well.

    New follower xx

  7. I'm loving the hippie look great! Love the pants & necklace! Your blog is very cool & inspiring..

  8. I love your outfit especially your cool lipstick!
    your style is amazing!

    I hope we can be blogger friends.:)

  9. Very cool. I love interesting pieces.

  10. amazing outfits on the blog! really into that awesome lipstick and necklace

  11. this outfit is amazing. i love it all... and the dark lipstick. thanks for visiting my blog. defs following u back