Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Mock Missoni

I went shopping on Melrose with my roommate this past weekend and found this cute little dress. The print screams iconic Missoni. Melrose could possibly be my favorite place on earth. Nasty Gal and other trendy online boutiques have a lot of the same pieces found on Melrose with insane price tags. There definitely are a lot of junk stores so you have to know where to shop. (I stick to the blocks with both Timeless Boutiques). I'm not a big fan of the vintage shops. Their clothing is over priced and they usually have stuff from Urban Outfitters' previous collection which doesn't technically count as "vintage". And in general, vintage shopping isn't really my thing and I find myself immediately reaching for hand sanitizer when leaving the store. 

Colllleeegeeee. Is interesting. Way different than I expected or what I was told. Yes, there actually is homework. And maybe it's just my school, but it's graded and counts. This college definitely feels a lot like high school but more close minded and not so accepting which is weird because one would expect a college near Los Angeles to be culturally aware. Maybe I'm just getting ahead of myself so I'll have to see how everything works out. 

dress-Lollipop on Melrose Avenue
socks-American Apparel
collar-Top Shop